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Method of administration

Letrozole should be taken orally regardless of food intake, as food does not affect the degree of absorption.

A missed dose should be taken as soon as the patient remembers it. However, if the patient recalls shortly before the next dose (2-3 hours), the missed dose should be skipped and the next dose should be taken as scheduled. A double dose should not be taken because systemic exposure above the proportional dose has been observed when taking the daily dose, the highest recommended dose of 2.5 mg.

Adverse Reactions

Letrozole is generally well tolerated. In general, adverse reactions are predominantly mild to moderately severe, and in most cases are related to estrogen deficiency. The most frequent adverse reactions are hot flashes, arthralgia, nausea and fatigue. Important adverse reactions that may develop during letrozole treatment include musculoskeletal phenomena, such as osteoporosis and/or bone fractures, and cardiovascular phenomena (including cerebrovascular and thromboembolic phenomena). Many side effects may be due to natural pharmacological consequences of estrogen deficiency (e.g. hot flashes, alopecia or vaginal bleeding).

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1 blister of 10 compresses, 1 packet (6 blisters)


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